Project Ghazi Release Dates Delayed On The Premier Night


Pakistan’s first super hero movie, Project Ghazi, was planned to be released on July 14, 2017, and it had its premiere on July 13th. But on a premier night, it got decided that the film’s release should be postponed. The decision was made because the film had some technical issues and was not received from the audience with much appreciation.

Project Ghazi casts Humayun Saeed, Syra Shahroz, and Sheheryar Munawar as the main lead. The movie was much awaited and was everyone was looking forward to its release on July 14 but the experience of the premier night was not good at all. It is said that the premiere of Project Ghazi was bitterly received from the audience as it suffered from several technical issues. The main issue was particularly related to the sound and audios. Although the producers of the film were not willing to delay the release, Humayun Saeed insisted them to do so. Hence, the release of Project Ghazi was called off temporarily.

The Mixed Reactions At The Delay of Project Ghazi

No one obviously wanted Project Ghazi’s release to be delayed but the announcement of the final and confirmed one. The producer of the film Syed Ali Raza confirmed the delay in the release saying, “We cannot say much right now but yes, Project Ghazi release will not release on July 14 as planned. There are some technical issues to be fixed. We cannot state the future release date at the moment but we will announce very soon.” The announcement was also made on the official page of Project Ghazi with a heavy heart. Where the Official distributors of the film that is the Distribution Club are planning to obey by the producers’ decision, the cinema owner is not happy with it all as their schedules are disturbed by this delay.

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