PIA To Bring Stranded Pakistanis In Doha Home


PIA is at hand with authorities and may operate special flights to bring home Pakistanis stranded in Doha.


Pakistani pilgrims are stranded in Qatar capital due to a recent diplomatic crisis. Several Arab nations including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Libya, and Egypt have cut off all diplomatic ties with Qatar. This crisis has seriously affected pilgrims traveling to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah through Qatar. PIA is doing its best to bring home Pakistanis stranded in Doha as confirmed by the PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar. Speaking with Express Tribune, Mashood mentioned that the airlines are already in contact with the Pakistan embassy in Qatar to obtain a confirmed number of Pakistani travelers. He also mentioned that special flights will be organized to bring home Pakistanis stranded in Doha.

Redirecting The Passengers

Since the passengers were to fly to Saudi Arabia through Qatar Airways, authorities might look forward to redirecting the passengers to Saudi Arabia through different carriers. Which would seem as a better alternative and PIA would offer a special plane if needed, Mashood Tajwar added.

Looking at the possibilities, the spokesperson added, “There are two options for PIA. Either take them from Doha to Jeddah and for that, we will be needing Saudi government permission. Or the second is to bring them back to Pakistan and take them to Saudi Arabia”.

Saudi Arabia’s Relationship with Qatar


Saudi Arabia and other Arab nations have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar due to allegations of supporting extremists and terrorist groups. The Saudi government has ordered Qatari diplomats and nationals to leave Saudi Arabia in 14 hours. Saudi Arabia has also terminated export to Qatar. Qatar may suffer from food shortage since 40% of the supply comes from Saudi border. Other nations boycotting Qatar have also ordered Qatari nationals to leave their countries. This is the biggest crisis to engulf Arab region in the recent years.

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