PIA Air Hostess Defended By The Organization After Her Picture Release


Recently, a picture of PIA air hostess on board was released over social media. The picture was much mocked as that PIA air hostess does not perfectly suit to the settled standard of air hostesses all over the world. At, this PIA social media team fittingly responded all the haters by posting a message along with the picture of the same PIA air hostess who was being mocked.

The services offered by PIA and their flight conditions are always mocked over social media as they are not up to a certain standard. But this time the Famous Shama Junejo, who admits herself a feminist, posted a picture of a bit aged PIA air hostess saying that she is the world’s most senior air hostess. This tweet was received with mixed reactions. Some people mocked that air hostess just based on a single picture. On the other hand, some people stood for her support as they felt that looks and age have nothing to do with the services offered by a person.

The Perfect Response of PIA

PIA stood and rose in the favor of this PIA air hostess and posted a smiling picture of her with a message that reads “Proudly serving PIA with professionalism and fearless commitment”. This is indeed one of the best ever clap backs in the history of the internet. This tweet by PIA in the favor of PIA air hostess was met with much positivity over social media and people had very good responses toward this tweet. Everything that can be concluded from this little social media drama is that the air hostesses need to be respected and appreciated on the basis of their services and not the age.

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