Pepsi Battles of the Bands Releases Its Music Video Starring Fawad Khan


Pepsi releases its  TV advertisement starring Atif Aslam, Fawad Khan, and Misha Shafi and it has left everyone mesmerized.

The two and half minute long advertisement consists of renowned musicians of Pakistan. The ad starts with a luxurious car with an unknown person inside. Atif Aslam appears with a chilled Pepsi drink in his hands.  The shadow of Misha Shafi behind the white curtains is the next music celebrity in it. It seems like Pepsi ad is on to revive the music bands spirit again in the country.

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The ad gets really exciting at 0:23 seconds as the chocolate hero of Pakistan, the melodious singer Fawad Khan appears getting out of the fancy car shown at the start of the ad revealing the unknown face. The whole idea of the ad is about the music bands of the country, giving them hope and courage.

The Music Culture of Pakistan Supported by Big Brands

Fawad Khan in Pepsi

Pepsi has a popular tradition of arranging music events and competitions in the country for the industry’s growth. The most famous event of Pepsi is ‘Battles of the Bands’ which started back in 2002. This show had introduced us to many popular bands like Entity Paradigm, Aaroh, and Meekal Hassan Band. The alluring Fawad Khan basically hailed from this show. Coco Cola in 2008 received immense favor for their Coke Studio project. The Coke Studio has changed the entire course of music in Pakistan introducing young, new talent with a diverse music. 2017 emerged with another brand to support music and that is Cornetto. With Cornetto Music Icons, we have enjoyed numerous new and versatile artists with their amazing song and music.

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Anyhow, the public has high expectations from the Pepsi Battles of the Bands 2017 event as it did from the 2002 show that gave us Fawad Khan. 2017 seems a year full of excitement and vigor for the music lovers of the country.

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