PCB Bans Players from Participating in Afghan T20 League


Unfortunately, Pakistani cricketers won’t be participating in Afghan T20 league.

In the wake of recent allegations, PCB has banned Pakistani players from participating in the Afghan T20 league. The decision came on Friday after the recent Kabul blast which was directed towards the Pakistan by the Afghan government.

In its press release, PCB condemned the false allegations raised by the ACB & announced the termination of the series between the two countries. PCB announced that the players would not be allowed to participate in Afghan T20 league due to the unstable relations as well as the security instability. Furthermore, sources confirm that PCB has not provided NOC to the Pakistani players that had signed an agreement to play in the Afghan T20 League in Kabul later this year.


Pakistan Cricket Board has always supported & promoted cricket in Afghanistan. Despite the spoiling relations between the neighboring countries, PCB has always encouraged the promotion of cricket in Afghanistan. Moreover, PCB in recent years has also shown support for cricket in Afghanistan by training the Afghan players & improving their skills. A large number of Afghan players have learned to play in Pakistan by taking part in different league events throughout Pakistan. Cricket had initially struggled to gain a reputation in Afghanistan because of the “Taliban”. Ever since the power-hold of Taliban toppled in 2001, Cricket in Afghanistan has greatly improved.

ACBs politics

The ACB delegation in Pakistan had a clear agenda that politics should not interfere in cricket and cricket should be treated as a sport & a source of building a friendly relationship between the both nations. However, it comes with deep regret that ACB is backing down on its own agenda & is conspiring against Pakistan by blaming its shortcomings & instability on Pakistan.

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Pak-Afghan Relations


Pak-Afghan border has been under severe lately due to unprovoked firing & attacks by the Afghan military. Pak-Afghan relations have been better in the past. When the Soviets attacked the Afghanistan back in 1970, thousands of Afghanis rushed to Pakistan for shelter. Pakistan accepted their Afghan brothers open-heartedly. Pakistan to-date holds nearly 4 million Afghan citizens. Furthermore, Afghanistan, accused Pakistan of recent attacks on Afghan soil even though Afghanistan itself is involved in spreading terrorism & insurgency across the border. The government has called to deport illegal Afghan immigrants by the end of 2017-18.

What do you think about the PCB’s decision of banning Pakistani players from participating in the Afghan T20 League? Let us know.

PCB Press Conference




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