Reasons to Watch Pakistani Women Football Team Play Its Next Game

raheela-pakistan football team women

If you have been too busy following cricket, it’s time to shift your attention and find the next football game that Pakistani women are going to play. Go ahead watch women football. You won’t be disappointed!

These women aren’t just good footballers but they are also the most attractive athletes that you will see around. This is one of the major reason why everyone should rush to football ground next time Pakistan women team is playing. They will surprise you how well they can play football in addition to waking up your aesthetic sense like never before.

Raheela Zarmeen – The biggest reason to watch women football

raheela-pakistan women football team

I’m not saying she beats supermodels but she looks definitely awesome considering she’s an athlete. However, this isn’t the only reason why you should watch a game when she’s around. She’s pakistan’s ‘special one’ even if she’s no Mourinho.

Raheela is only 22 year old and she’s already managing her local side Balochistan United FC. She’s a regular part of Pakistan’s starting 11.

Shahlyla Baloch – The ‘striker’ who is also a striking beauty

pakistan women football team

Only a few will have doubts that there is a better woman striker in Asian football than Shahlyla Baloch. She’s not just a wonderful striker who will net the ball as many times as many she gets a sight of the goal, but she’s also a striking beauty, a combination that only a few professional athletes are able to harness to good effect.

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Joyann Geraldine Thomas – The first Christian girl to play from Pakistan

pakistan football team stiker

Joyann Thomas started playing from Pakistan when she’s only 17 years old. Ever since, she hasn’t looked back. She continually features in Pakistan women’s football team. She is a great presence on the field and has unparalleled energy that brings life to a football game.

Syeda Mahpara – The goal keeper is also the beauty secret’ keeper


Pakistan women football team has some good players and some great looking players. Our goal keeper is definitely a good keeper who looks even better. She’s got a look of a supermodel. You can see her pictures yourself. Let’s hope she doesn’t attract a lot of opposition players onto her goal in the next game.

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Pictures of Pakistan Women Football Team

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