Pakistani Short Film ‘Darzi Ki Marzi’ Tells The Truth of Tailors


There has been just released 4 minutes local Pakistani short film that explains the actual reason behind the tailors delaying the clothes.

This Pakistani short film has been directed by comedian Faheem Azam and it casts a talented actor from the national academy of performing arts Nazrul Hasan as the master tailor. Nazrul Hasan has explained the tactics and conspiracies of the tailors with his amazing acting skills. This Pakistani short film has been much appreciated since it is the story of almost every other woman and as it is released particularly around Eid so more and more people can relate to it on a deeper level because when the Eid is near the tailors keep on delaying the return of dresses and somehow take it to 28th Ramadan and hence cause frustration and chaos among the women.

Secrets of Darzi

This Pakistani short film has an exceptional plot with lighter comedy. The actor has beautifully explained as to how tailors feel that “JO TAILOR GAHAK KO WAQAT PR KAPRY DEDE, WO HAM MAIN SE NAHI”. Also, the film shows how tailors feel that being satisfied from the customers is more important than satisfying the customer. Also, the tailors feel that if they tease and delay their customers, then they will gain a sort of satisfaction and inner peace.  As Eid has just ended, this film has been released at the perfect time. It is also very good to see that this trend of making a short film is increasing in the country and that DARZI KI MARZI, our local Pakistani short film is trying to make some place for it in the flow of international online content.

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