Pakistani Player Imad Reacts After Bowling Out De Villiers


Pakistani player Imad reacts high spirited after dismissing South Africa’s key player De Villiers on a golden duck. The Pakistanis played tremendously well in a do-or-die situation for Pakistan and managed to defeat the world’s number one team by 19 runs (DLC method)

Pakistani Player Imad Reacts After Bowling Out De Villiers

De Villiers had only 6 ducks in the 211 innings he had played so far until he faced Imad on Wednesday. The South African was caught off guard and bowled out on the very first ball Imad had thrown at him. This provided Pakistani bowlers a great opportunity to mount pressure on the South African batsman and topple their spirit. Nonetheless, the same happened. Pakistan bagged home a win and a shot at reaching the semi-finals. During an interview with the ICC, Imad quoted

“Oh, it happens in Cricket. Sometimes you get hit, sometimes the other guy gets out. It’s just cricket. You should not be carried away or feel too low by this. He hit a shot and got out, so I think I’m really lucky.”

He also mentioned that the main focus of the team was to bowling out De Villiers as soon as possible. Pakistani player Imad reacts to De Villiers wicket

“You know what he can do if he stays for a long time, so we were just very happy that he got out. It didn’t matter that he got out on zero or one.”

Pakistan Ready For Sri Lanka

Pakistan’s next encounter is do-or-die. Pakistan is going to either book a ticket to semi-finals or back to home depending on how the team plays. Pakistan is all ready to take on Sri Lanka for the semi-finals spot this week. Pakistani player Imad reacts to this encounter as a do or die match and is confident that Pakistan will go on for a kill against the Sri Lankans. He also mentioned

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 “When you win, the morale is different. If we think too much about having beaten South Africa we might be flat again, but we are aware that it’s a do or die match for us. We’ll treat it like a knockout match and not worry about the result. Hopefully, Pakistan and the world will get to see a great performance.”




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