Pakistani Movie Maalik to Be Released Worldwide

pakistani movie maalik

The movie Maalik by Ashir Azeem was ban in Pakistan two months ago. Pakistani  movie Maalik created a major buzz all over the social media. Almost every Pakistani shared the social media platform to protest against this decision.

The ban led to a debate on critical state control and freedom of speech. But finally, the movie is releasing internationally. It will be exhibited on cinema screens worldwide.

The movie will be released in cinemas across Canada, UK, USA, Middle East and Australia soon. The whole team of Maalik including the cast and crew is quite excited about it. They used the social media platform to share the good news with everyone.

Why the Movie Maalik was Banned?

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Maalik is based on the current political structure of Pakistan. The movie depicted the tales of corruption across the country. The movie especially focuses on the corruption of politicians in Sindh province. This mainly led to Pakistani Movie Maalik the ban by the government

Further, the information ministry representatives stated that the ministry reserves the right to allow or restrict or ban any movie at any time. The movie hits a specific politician. It depicts a former chief minister indulged in corruption.

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Though the Sindh high Court has abandoned the release rights of Maalik in Pakistan, the movie is still due release internationally.

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The movie was released in April 2016. After being banned by the Sindh government on charges of insulting the current politicians, the movie was premiered for three weeks. It was then re-banned by Federal government this time.

The Federal government officials explained that they have been receiving complaints from people nationwide. Maalik showed the current politicians in a negative light. Also, the film insulted the voters who choose them as their leaders.

Concept of the Pakistani Movie Maalik

Pakistani Movie Malik

Ashir Azeem, the 90’s Dhuwan fame has made his directorial debut with his movie Maalik. The concept of the movie is to show the power of a common man.

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The aim of the movie is to make the Pakistanis realize that they themselves have to take the charge of their country if they want to put a full stop on corruption and end all illegal activities.

The movie has a strong story line as stated earlier, accompanied with intelligent direction and impactful screenplay.

The Cast of Maalik

Besides Ashir Azeem himself, the cast includes Sajid Hassan, Farhan Ally Agha, Hassan Niazi, Rashid Farooqi, Adnan Shah, Tatmain ul Qulb , Ehteshamuddin, Erum Azam, Pakiza Khan, Lubna Aslam and Marium Ansari are in Pakistani Movie Maalik

All the cast members were great in their characters. Hassan Niazi especially stole the show with his solid performance.  He fitted the role of the feudal corrupt minister as gloves.

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The background score and music were composed by Sahir Ali Bagga. All three compositions in the movie are superb. The spell bounding music keeps you entertained throughout the movie.

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Maalik on Box Office

With a strong story line, Maalik portrays patriotism. The Urdu feature film Maalik was appreciated by masses and earned about 12 million on its first day at box office.

What response will the movie receive from international audiences we have to wait till its release!




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