Pakistani Kid Musa Makes A Guinness World Record


The record holder republic in the UK has just recognized the 11 years old Pakistani kid Muhammad Musa after the kid has made the most number of full contact kicks in an hour. This has caused him to get his name written in it Guinness World Record holders.

Muhammad Musa is the pupil of the Ahmad Amin Bodla and the teacher feels that sky is just the limit for this god gifted kid. Musa is in 5th grade and at this young age, he has achieved this Guinness World Record. He kicked 5620 alternative kicks in just an hour and still, he didn’t feel much tired. This remarkable stamina is evidence to his unmatchable passion. Commenting on his great success, Musa said that it was easy and he didn’t feel much tired after doing it. Also, Musa said that he was determined for making this Guinness World Record and he also worked for it with much passion.

The Mentor of Muhammad Musa

The mentor and teacher of this incredible Guinness World Record holder kid, Ahmad Amin Bodla, himself is a holder of several Guinness World Records. He told in an interview that to achieve this thing at such a young age a unique thing. He further said:

“The RHR have already acknowledged and inducted his record, and Assist World Records is next on our list. Had it not been for Guinness World Records’ rule that prevents U16 children from attempting endurance records we would’ve gone for it too.”

He also said that Musa, at the beginning, was just an average child like all the others. As the time passed Musa worked harder and harder making a Guinness World Record. Lastly, Bodla also gave credits to Musa’s father for all this as he has been very supportive all the time.

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