A Pakistani Judge Wants to Know “How a Grenade Works” Inside a Full Courtroom – the Grenade Explodes and Injures Three

how a grenade works pakistani judge

You wouldn’t believe it but it’s true.

Inside a full courtroom, an educated and honorable Judge wants to know how a grenade works.

Surprisingly, he insists on knowing it there and then.

how a grenade works

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Only if I was around to tell him that all he has to do is to go to or and search ‘how a grenade works’ and there it is. He could have seen it with his own eyes, without having to injure three other [Source].

stupid pakistani judge

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I can bet my life on this. There has to be at least one demo video or an explanation somewhere how a grenade works. It doesn’t have to be one from a Pakistani policeman or an Afghan jihadi though. Here is what I found when I did what the judge had to do.

  • There is this article on Wikipedia Google fetches excerpts from this article to quickly show you how a grenade works. You don’t even have to open a search result to be honest to know as much as much a Pakistani judge would need to know during an open trial.
  • Then I found a great YouTube video on how a grenade works. It’s just below the first result. The honorable judge didn’t even need to scroll for this.

  • Then there is an article from How Stuff Works []. This one would have helped the honorable judge understand all about it. He would have even found out about the time-delay grenades, the ones he actually wanted to know.

I don’t know what pushed the judge to ask the policeman to actually show him how a grenade works in real. I mean seriously. Was he thinking a lot about Tahir Shah?

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You know better.





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