Pakistani Celebrities On A Campaign With Hashtag #SwitchingOff


There has been observed recently on the social platforms that many Pakistani celebrities are posting on their social media accounts about boycotting from their daily activities. This trend has intrigued the people all across the country as to why this is happening.

Pakistani celebrities are claiming that there has been a lack of energy and motivation in them so they are “#SwitchingOff” from all those regular things. This has made their fans question as to why they are doing this in particular and all the people in general. It is creating havoc that why our stars are doing this strange task of leaving the things they love the most. The trend has been followed by almost every other Pakistani celebrity liked Ayesha Omer, Mehreen Syed, Mehwish Hayat, Anoushay Ashraf, Minal Khan, Aiman Khan, Ali Xeeshan and many other Pakistani celebrities.

Feroz Khan also expressed his views on #SwitchingOff as follows:

Mystery Behind The Boycott of Pakistani Celebrities

It is interesting and at the same time shocking for the Pakistani celebrities to leave their daily routine’s most important things like cell phone, workout routines etc. some of the Pakistani celebrities claim that they have no motivation or energy left and are in severe need of sparks of energy in life. The question is that why are all these feeling so down in terms of energy at such a young age and that all at the same time. Although every other person is trying to find out the answers yet there has not been any legitimate answer found yet.

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All we can say is that this can be a sort of advertisement campaign or something.  Whatever it is, we hope it to be out soon. We also hope that our stars get a jolt of energy and keep on entertaining us like before.




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