Pakistani Actress Meera Made Fun of Donald Trump


Pakistani celebrity Meera made fun of Donald Trump on Twitter and this is one of the most discussed and trending topic nowadays all over the country.


The main action started when the American president Donald Trump tweeted about the outcomes of his meetings with Saudi leaders. The meetings were carried out in order to discuss the ways that can lead to the eradication of terrorism in the region. Trump stated that he felt good to see that his visit proved fruitful. At this, Meera made fun of Donald Trump tweeting him that “yes, we all saw your frightened expressions while seated with the king. You couldn’t handle his dominating persona. Could you?”

In another Tweet, Donald said that extremism and all other references were pointing to Qatar. Again, Meera made fun of Donald Trump at this tweet as well saying that it seems like you are getting ready to bomb another Muslim nation.

Meera’s Activities on Twitter Nowadays


Although, the way Meera made fun of Donald Trump is making her famous over Twitter it is not the first time she has done something like this. Meera knows very well that how she can remain in the news and she is considered among one of those celebrities who really provide enjoyment to the people. Before Trump, Meera tweeted to Maryam Nawaz over the issue of extreme load shedding in Ramadan and called her and her father butchers. She also stated that we all are dying here because of extreme temperature.

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In another live “questions and answers” session with fans on Twitter, a person tweeted her formally “Man when are you getting married” At this, Meera’s innocence captured everyone’s eyes when she shockingly asked the fan why he called her MAN.




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