Pakistan Vs India Flags And Their Symbolic Meanings ~ Interesting FACTS!

Pakistan Vs India Flags

Pak vs India flags is a hot topic these days with Independence Day celebrations starting all over the country. People want to know how both the countries differ, starting with their respective flags.

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down and read all the interesting facts about Pakistan vs India flags below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends on Facebook. Let’s make this viral this August. 

Pakistan Vs India Flags

Today, we’re going to discuss Pak vs India flags on a lighter note – although that’s rarely the way these nations go about each other during this month. We’ll not rant about which is better from Pak vs India flags. Also not who won the Pakistan Vs India wars because then we all know the answer; a crescent with a star. Rather we’ll discuss Pak vs India flags.

Pak vs India Flags: The Representatives

A flag represents its nation’s identity. Flags are not just some random designs, rather they are ideas. It is a principle and a message that is silently displayed by the flag which represents the entire nation. Pakistan and India both have colorful flags. Today we’re going give you a deep insight on Pak vs India flags.

Pakistan’s Flag

A crescent and a moon subjected on a dark green field is the national flag of Pakistan. This flag was officially adopted 4 days before the Pakistan’s independence on 14th August 1947. The constituent assembly immediately accepted it. Pakistan’s flag is a green field and a vertical white stripe on the side of hosting. The green field consists of a white crescent and a star in the center. The name of Pakistan’s flag is “Parcham-e-Sitarah-o-Halal”. This flag among the Pak vs India flags is less colorful and comprises of two colors only.

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Some Interesting Facts About The Flag Of Pakistan

  • Pakistan’s first Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan on 11th August 1947 presented this flag to National Constituent’s Assembly.
  • Amiruddin Kidwai designed this flag.
  • This flag is based on the flag of All India Muslim League Flag (without the white stripe).
  • The crescent on the center of the flag refers to progress
  • Star on Pakistan’s flag refers to knowledge
  • The white vertical stripe refers to the minorities
  • Color green refers to the Muslim majority

India’s Flag

The national flag consists of three horizontal sections of colors (saffron, white and blue). It also has a navy-blue color 24-spoke wheel displayed at the center. The name of Indian flag is “Tiranga” which means tricolor. On 22nd July 1947, this flag was officially accepted. It is relevant to the flag of Indian National Congress. This flag between the Pak vs India flags has relatively fresh colors.

If you don’t know much about how Pakistan and India became independent countries in August, 1947, watch the documentary by BBC below.

Some Interesting Facts About The Flag Of India

  • Pingali Venkayya, an agriculturist, made the design of this flag.
  • Saffron color represents courage.
  • The 24-spoke wheel at the center (Ashok Chakra) refers to the laws of “Dharma” (righteousness).
  • By Law, Khadi is the special cloth for Indian flag material.
  • The green color represents prosperity
  • White color represents peace and truth.

The Old Rivalry Between Pakistan And India

Pak vs India flags hasn’t been at peace with each other for the past 70 years. Ever since the beginning, India has been against the independence of Pakistan. Indians could not believe that a minority they had oppressed for so long is now living free. Which is why Pakistan vs India flags have gone to war with each other four times. Each day, the aggressive behavior of Indians escalate the possibility of a new conflict.

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[If you want to read ‘partition stories’, Guardian is doing a feature on it this August. You can read others’ stories and add yours here.]

What the both nations fail to realize is that today, in a world of technology war and killing is not the ultimate solution, both nations have to solve their issues democratically to succeed globally but unfortunately, the Indian aggression is a menace to regional peace let alone Pakistan-India relationship.

India Vs Pakistan on the Battleground

And, while talking about India vs Pakistan, we can’t miss how they compare on the battleground. Both countries have nukes that means if they go to war, the only outcome will be a devastating war.

NOTE: You might not agree to facts in this video, but I posted it as it’s the only neutral video that does justice to the battlefield comparison. Other videos are biased.

It’s also interesting to note that a lot of Indians think that BBC and other international news channels publish news against India. For example, BBC runs a new story on India’s poverty every other month.  Check out this epic post on Quora where one Indian asked this question publically.

But international media hasn’t left Pakistan alone either. Our identity has been hijacked. When you talk to a foreigner, he/she would relate bombs, exploding jackets, and drones with us. This is not what we are. Pakistani nation has been confused with the terrorists trained in Afghanistan.

Unfortunately, that’s not it. Even our gun manufacturing industry has been attacked in the past. An international film maker made a documentary on Guns of Pakistan. The problem with the documentary is the perspective. They see us as a ‘dangerous’ nation because we make some guns in Darra. I believe a lot of other countries make a lot more guns. The guns we make in Darra are merely replicas. Don’t forget to check our post on the documentary on guns in Pakistan.

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If you want to see more videos on Pak vs India flags and their strength on the battleground, scroll down. I’ve added all the good ones here.




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