Pakistan Got It’s First Robot Waitress in Multan


Pakistan has recently been enchanted with a touch of technology in the old city of Multan. Pakistan’s first robots are serving and bringing smiles to people at a pizza restaurant. These are 3 robot waitresses and are made by the owner of the pizza hotel himself.

Osama Jafari is an engineer who made a pizza restaurant in Multan and then to make is somewhat different from the ordinary pizza restaurants, he used robot waitresses instead of human waiters that can be seen at every other restaurant. These robot waitresses are named as Rabia, Annie, and Jennie. They greet the customers with a welcoming attitude and then bring their order to them. The name of the restaurant where you can find these robot waitresses is Pizza.com. The maker of these robot waitresses is an alumnus of NUST University and he got this idea from the videos he saw of the robots serving in hotels in China.

Robot Waitress Attracting Customers in Multan

This innovative idea not only weighs down the work of the people in the restaurant but also is a source of big business. According to the customers, it is an innovation in the Pakistani restaurants and is also hassle free. More and more customers, particularly those with the children are visiting this restaurant. The 24 years old young maker of these robot waitresses told in an interview that he aims to bring forth a new generation of robot waiters that is more advanced. He is already working on a more advanced generation that will be able to respond to the questions and queries of the customers. Jafari said that he made all the part of the robot by himself and this cost him almost 600000 rupees.

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