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You are here: Artists » Faraz Inam

Faraz Inam

Contributed by brownkhan

Relationship Status: Married

In 1992, the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) asked seasoned drama director and producer Shoaib Mansoor to come up with a play that gives the viewers a peek into the typical army life and builds a good reputation for the army in the process after the negative image the institution had in the backdrop of the 1980s' marshal law. The result was the classic and unforgettable drama 'Sunehrey Din', which won the hearts of the audiences with its wittiness and amazing performances.

Among the characters that became famous after the play, Captain Faraz was perhaps the most prominent. Played by a young lad named Faraz Inam, the viewers liked the young and impressive actor who had seemed to make it to the small screen out of nowhere. Even with the success of the drama, Faraz took a hiatus from acting for a few years till Shoaib Mansoor came up with another project in collaboration with ISPR called 'Alpha Bravo Charlie'.

Aired in the year 1998 from PTV, the drama became an instant hit with its true to life depiction of the army lifestyle. Faraz reenacted the role of Captain Faraz that he played in 'Sunehrey Din' but this time his life was shown in more detail. The most amazing thing about the drama was the equation between the four main leads and how all of them being new actors did a fabulous job in garnering appreciation from their viewers.

With his realistic acting, Faraz made it hard to believe that he was not an army man but a banker by profession.


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Woodbridge NJ, United States (US)