Karachi, Pakistan.

There have been many actresses in Pakistan who have managed to become icons in their time. Ranging from the early start of the Pakistani drama industry, there have been many generations of Pakistani actresses to have graced the big screen. Most of them only worked in films, while there were several actresses who appeared in films first and then moved on towards the drama industry of Pakistan. Many of these actresses enjoyed success on both levels, while there were many actresses who couldn't find their spark in acting in films, did manage to become successful with acting in drama serials. Salomi is one of the artists who fits this category perfectly. Salomi first started off as a film actress, and the name 'Salomi' was her film name exclusively.

However, Salomi failed to get much fame and attention in movies largely due to the sad state in which Lollywood was in when she began her acting career. Knowing that her career was going to come to a standstill, Salomi quickly switched over to drama serials. Her first notable performance came in the big hit drama serial, Alpha Bravo Charlie. Her performance was well received, and it gave her the perfect platform to build on and improve. Soon after, she received several offers, as well as one for the drama serial Such Much. In this drama serial, Salomi got the chance to work with one of the legends of the Pakistani drama industry, Moin Akhtar. Her list of successes kept on increasing with another hit drama serial performance in Ha'ey Jaldi, which was aired on PTV.



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