Pakistan has been known in the South Asian region for its thriving music industry. Especially those parts of the world where Urdu or other regional languages of Pakistan are understood the songs made in Pakistan are openly appreciated. A major reason behind their popularity are the lyrics that these songs contain and of course the songwriters who pen these lyrics. And when the lyricist is someone like Riaz-ur-Rehman Saghar, the songs are sure to be successful.

Right from writing the lyrics for film songs to penning the words that many pop singers sang, Riaz-ur-Rehman showed his versatility as a poet in each one of them. It is indeed no surprise that he has written more than 2000 songs to date. He has written songs for many singers such as Hadiqa Kiani's songs 'Dupatta Mera Malmal Da' and 'Yaad Sajan Di Ayi'. He also wrote the duet 'Kabhi to Nazar Milao' sang by Asha Bhosle and Adnan Sami Khan.

However, his claim to fame has basically been writing lyrics for songs featured in the films. Among his most popular film soundtracks have been from the movie 'Sargam', which were primarily sung by Adnan Sami Khan and Hadiqa Kiani. More recently songs written by him were featured in the Punjabi movie 'Virsa', with the song 'Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki' becoming immensely popular due to its simple and soothing words.

He was also an instrumental force behind the children's program 'Aangan Aangan Tarey', aired from PTV during the early nineties. The program launched the career of Hadiqa Kiani as a singer.

Apart from being a songwriter, Riaz-ur-Rehman has channelized his poetic skills in different ways. His poetic column appears in the newspaper Nawa-e-Waqt every week, while he also wrote his travel experience of China in the form of a poem which used to be published in the newspaper weekly. The travelogue is now available in a book. He has also a published author of many renowned books.



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