The film industry of Pakistan has produced a number of great stars whose talents as film actors got immense appreciation from audiences and critics alike. However, there have also been a number of film actors in Lollywood who have not been lucky enough to make a breakthrough impression on the audiences so as to be remembered for their work.

One of these actors was Atiya Sharaf. Former wife of the late actor Khayyam Sarhadi, Atiya Sharaf's first film was 'Parai Beti' in which she played a supporting role. Not only did her role fail to make any impression on the cinema goers, her performance also received thumbs down from the critics for being plain and emotionless. However, young Atiya did not give up after receiving such disheartening criticism so early on in her career and continued to appear in movies, although usually her roles were minor.

The biggest highlight of her career was playing late Mohammad Ali's sister in the film 'Anjaan', which also starred Zeba as well as Rozina. Her career came to a halt in the early seventies when she got married to Khayyam Sarhadi. Her former husband, himself a notable actor, was the son of Zia Sarhadi who was one of the most respected actors of united India.

Following her divorce from Khayyam Sarhadi, Atiya made a comeback to the silver screen. However, now her supporting roles required her to play an older woman. Among her most memorable and appreciated roles was the one she played in the film 'Intezaar', in which she played actress Mumtaz's socialite mother. The role was different from the typical motherly roles because it was by far more glamorous and required Atiya to be dressed up in a rich woman's getup. Donning thick golden frames and heavily mascara-filled eyes, Atiya's character in the movie was shown to be conceited and arrogant, much unlike the depiction of poor women she had done before.



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