With the 1970s being the pioneering years in the history of Pakistan Television (PTV) in particular and the television industry in Pakistan in general, there were extra efforts by the TV producers and drama creators of the time to come up with programs that garner maximum viewers' appreciation. Moreover, the idea was to make television an essential part of people's everyday lives.

'Mirza Ghalib Bunder Road Per' was also an effort made by the veteran producers of PTV to bring TV into the limelight for the audiences. The drama serial was not only appreciated for its subtle humor and inclination towards Urdu literature, but the acting by the entire main and supporting cast was also a major contributing factor in its success.

One of the most prominent supporting actors in the drama was Bakhtawar, whose comedic timing and on screen presence along with the big wigs like Subhani Ba Younis and Mehmood Ali added a new life to the innovative drama serial. Bakhtawar's acting record after the drama is not available and it is not known whether he made appearances in any other dramas after this one.



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