Karachi, Pakistan.

The Pakistani media industry has seen some of the most talented acting stars come and take center stage. There have been many brilliant artists who have acted on screen and made a huge name for themselves. Some of these artists ventured in to direction and production after their work with acting was over, while others completely left the industry. However, there were also some heavily multi talented actors who managed to do all of it in one go. These actors manage to act, write, direct and produce drama serials simultaneously, which showcases their amount of dedication towards the drama industry of Pakistan. Ehtishamuddin is one of the actors who can easily fit in to the small band of actors that would fit this category. Although he is mainly a writer and director, Ehtishamuddin has also made appearances in several drama serials, although never has he played the lead role.

Ehtishamuddin acted in the drama serial Chand Pe Dastak on HUM TV, alongside Javeria Abbasi, Qavi Khan and various others. It is one of his recent drama serials, and was a major success. His written contributions to the drama industry include Hotel, a drama produced by Arjumand Rahim and one with a high budget cast too. He also wrote and directed the telefilm Shahrukh Khan Ki Maut. The success of this film can be heralded from the fact that it was screened at the Kara Film Festival last year, and Ehtishamuddin also received special recognition for this telefilm. Another fantastic example of his directions includes Perfume Chowk, a massively hit drama serial that went viral on HUM TV.



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