Children whose parents are showbiz celebrities are somehow automatically expected to follow in their seniors' footsteps and enter show business. Although in reality, the said celebrities' children may not have the same potential as their previous generation but most of them still try to make it into the field, usually through their parents' contacts. Such was also the case of Ghalib Kamal.

The son of screen legend Syed Kamal, Ghalib's first big break on TV came as the host of an acting challenge by the name of 'Take 2', which used to be aired on the former channel STN. The program featured three teams and based on different acting situations given to them, the best performing team was adjudged the winner. Due to the unique nature of the show, the program became a huge hit among the audiences and Ghalib's stint as the host of the show was duly appreciated.

Later on, Ghalib starred alongside his father in the popular STN drama of the nineties called 'Kashkol'. Ghalib played the role of an addict who was the son of a wealthy businessman, played by his own father. The drama was considered to be a success during those days as it effectively highlighted the social evils prevalent in the society.

He was also cast in the drama serial 'Tapish', which was directed by Sadia Imam. In the play, Ghalib starred along with seasoned actors such as Ghulam Mohiuddin, Sadia Imam and Tanveer Jamal.

In 1996, Ghalib also acted in a movie by the name of 'Mehndi' in which he was paired with Sahiba, who had been one of the most in-demand film actresses of that time. In the same year, he worked in a movie titled 'Choron Ke Ghar Chor'. Both movies featured his father as well but still failed to make an impression on the box office and thus were considered flops.



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