Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) has had the privilege of producing some of the finest playwrights, producers, directors and actors. This is very much the reason why PTV was able to bring forward the most classic dramas of all time that are remembered even decades later. While the people onscreen usually got most of the credit, it was also people behind the scenes in these dramas who played an effective role in making these productions memorable.

Senior producer and director of Pakistan Television, Ali Rizvi has also been a major contributor towards the glorious past of PTV dramas, with a number of memorable plays to his credit. Being married to veteran children's program producer, Zartaj Ali, Ali Rizvi has been rendering his services to PTV for more than three decades.

Using his productions to create awareness among the masses about different issues, Ali Rizvi has been successful in tackling every subject with tact and command.

'Des Pardes' (1998) and 'Aansoo' (2001) have been among the most successful dramas produced by him and both of them received massive recognition from the audiences. Through both the dramas Rizvi highlighted the issues faced by Pakistanis living abroad and used the camera to take the viewers back home on a journey to the scenic beauty of Scotland. Both the dramas were written by Haseena Moin, with Rizvi's contribution as a director hailed for handling the scripts and turning them into masterpieces.

Although he has produced a number of drama serials, Rizvi's preference always remained long plays that dealt with various social issues. Among his most successful long plays are 'Agar Aur Jeetay Rehtay', which was written by Anwar Maqsood and 'Your Obedient Servant'. Both of these plays earned a number of accolades and have remained unforgettable for the audience.
Other memorable dramas produced by him include 'Family '93', 'Dard Ke Faaslay' (2007) and 'Dasht Aashna' (2009). In 2006, he started producing 'Meena Bazar', making PTV a trendsetter in morning shows.


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