In recent years, there have been many new entrants on the Pakistani television scene who have not even worked in too many projects but have still been liked by the viewers. Since show business requires constant struggle, hard work and determination, it is therefore not every person's cup of tea. Even then, there are some individuals who make their debut on screen and show a promising future with their performances.

Among such actors has been the new entrant Sharmeen. With only one drama to her credit till now, Sharmeen showed exceptional potential of progress and growth in the drama 'Sada Suhagan' in which she played a relatively smaller role. However, she did considerably well considering the fact that she was surrounded by actors who have been around in the show business for quite some time such as Farhan Ali Agha, Qazi Wajid and Veena Malik.

It is yet to be seen how far Sharmeen can carry on with her acting skills and where her talent will take her. However, it can be safely said that she has been a good addition to a growing industry that is always in need of new talent.



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