There have been many artists in the history of Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV), who were like one hit wonders. These artists produced good quality work in the rare projects that they worked in and are remembered for. Tashqeen is also one of those artists whose name does not ring a bell the first time a person hears it.

However, a quick search on the Internet reveals that Tashqeen was in fact one of the most powerful and talented actors who graced the television screen appearing in the hit PTV drama serial of yesteryear, 'Sona Chandi'. Although his role in the drama serial was supporting and he was appearing on screen alongside seasoned comedians such as Jameel Fakhri, Munir Zareef and Ayub Khan, Tashqeen still played an unforgettable role through his witty dialogue delivery and expressions.

In the latter years, he appeared in a number of minor roles whose record is not easily available and hence is not remembered that much by the audiences. However, anyone who has seen him act in 'Sona Chandi' can vouch for the immense acting talent that he possessed, immortalizing his performance in the presence of some of the most skilled actors of the time.



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