For anyone who grew up in Pakistan during the 1980s, the program 'Fifty Fifty' is unforgettable. Not only did the program, comprising short comedy skits, become immensely popular but it also brought fame and recognition to the actors who were an essential part of it. Ismail Tara is one of the actors who made the show a huge success with his incredible performances.

Even to this day, his parody of Michael Jackson while robbing a house is something that leaves the viewers in fits of laughter. Perhaps his most memorable performance was in the skit he used to do with Majid Jehangir in which both comedians used to impersonate the typical Bihari accent while conversing with each other as characters named as Munwa and Babwa.

Moving past 'Fifty Fifty', Ismail Tara also tried his hands at movies and was featured as a comedian in a good number of movies. Among his famous movies are 'Haathi Meray Saathi' (1993), 'Munda Bigra Jaye' (1995) and 'Chief Sahab' (1996). During this time, he did not entirely leave television and made appearances on the small screen on and off.

In the mid-2000s, he made his way back to television and was given the main role in a number of comedy programs. Prominent among these has been 'Smile Time', a short series of comedy plays in which Ismail Tara was featured as the main character in different getups. In 2006, he was given his own show on ARY Digital by the name of 'Lyari King Live'. As the similarity in the name suggests, the program was a comedic take on the popular talk show aired on CNN by the name of 'Larry King Live'. The program featured guests like Dracula, Columbus and Laloo Prasad Yadav, characters that were played by different comedians.

In recent times, Ismail Tara teamed up with Majid Jehangir once again and the two reenacted the Munwa and Babwa act on Express News in a program called 'Ajab Keh Rahay Ho Bhaee'.


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