For years, the dramas produced by Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) stood out because of their impeccable dialogues and unforgettable storylines. In fact, the writers of these dramas set precedence for the writers who entered the field in later years by leaving a legacy that was not easy to follow. However, the recent years have seen a new crop of playwrights emerge whose work can be seen on different Pakistani entertainment channels.

Dr. Attaullah Aali is also among the writers who have been relatively new entrants in the field of drama writing. With his tremendous writing skills, Dr. Aali was soon able to garner success in drama writing. With comedy being his area of expertise, he has written a number of comedy plays for television. One of his earliest plays has been 'Mamoo', starring Ismail Tara in the title role.

Another comedy drama penned by him is 'Get Married' aired by Geo Television. Comprising a stellar cast with the presence of Jawwad Bashir and Sadia Imam, the drama is about a young man who has been born and bred in U.S. Although by nature the young man is shown to be a spoiled brat, he comes to Pakistan to get married due to his mother's condition of giving away her inheritance to him only if he marries a Pakistani girl.

He is also the writer of the comedy play 'Teri Gali Main', being shown on ARY Digital. While writing comedy plays has been his claim to fame primarily, Dr. Aali also wrote a serious long play commemorating Benazir Bhutto's third anniversary in the year 2010. The play was titled 'Main Baaghi Hoon' and comprised a cast of big stars such as Qavi Khan and Usman Peerzada. He also wrote a special play for Labor Day 2011 by the name of 'Mazdoor Nahin Majboor'.

Not many people are aware that apart from writing dramas, Dr. Attaullah Aali has also been a published author. In his book 'Kuch Aur Kuttay', he has remained true to his comedic streak.



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