Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Over the years, television has produced a number of actors who have not made regular appearances onscreen but whenever they have, the audiences remember their performances for a long time to come. Ghazala Butt is also one of those actors who have not appeared on television too regularly but whenever she has performed, her work always managed to garner appreciation.

Married to veteran TV and stage actor Hashim Butt, Ghazala Butt has always been based in Islamabad and that is one reason why there has been a hiatus in her performances. Since Islamabad has not been as active in television production as Karachi and Lahore, Ghazala has had to make the choice to work from Lahore, while her husband Hashim made a move to Karachi.

Before making an entrance on the television screen, Ghazala had been a stage artist and it was during one of her comedy plays titled 'Ehl-e-Karam', written by Bani Qudsia, through which she met her husband Hashim Butt. Although till that time, Hashim Butt himself was better known as a stage artist but a few years later, his puppetry skills as Gora Saab in the popular puppet show 'Kaliyaan' became immensely popular. He has also been known for his supporting roles in a number of popular dramas such as 'Tum Jo Miley' (Hum TV), 'Baitiyan'(Hum TV) and 'Tikone' (ARY Digital) among many others.

'Main Mar Gai Shaukat Ali'(aired on A Plus) and 'Sanwali' (shown on Hum TV) have been two of the most prominent plays that she has appeared in during the past year. Before that, her drama 'Sipahi Maqbool Hussain' became immensely popular with its depiction of a soldier imprisoned in the Indian jails for 40 years. The drama was indeed a feather in the cap for Ghazala as her performance in the play was received well.

Ghazala has also appeared in a number of Punjabi productions such as 'Miki Khero England' and 'Uchay Shamlay'.


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