16 Feb, 1977 (40 years old)
Karachi, Pakistan

Shahzad Roy is a talented musician turned humanitarian and considered one of the consistently succesful artists of the music industry. He entered the music industry in this year 1995 with his first album called Zindagi. With the passage of time, one can see a gradual transition in his songs as they have moved from being romantic ballads to reflecting our social problems and mallice in the society.

Year 2007 saw a collaboration of Shahzad Roy with noted sufi singer Abida Perveen. The song was titled 'Zindagi'which was based on the theme of equality of education. Earlier in the year 2002, he had founded a non profit orginzation by the same name (Zindagi Trust) with the aim of educating the underpriveleged children of the country.

In year 2008, Shahzad released his latest album 'Qismat Apnay Haath Mei' which was aimed to portray the true socio-political problems of our country. The album was a big hit among the masses for its true relfection of the corrupt and unjust system of affairs prevailing in the society.

Shahzad Roy at such a young age has a number of achievements to his name. In 2004, he was awarded one of the highest civil honors of the country 'Tamgha-e-Imtiaz' for his services to humanity. He is also the recipient of 'Tamgha-e-Eisaar' for rendering his services towards the cause of rehabilitation of earthquake vistims of Kashmir. He was also selected to be thetorch bearer for the 2008 Olympic Torch relay.

As an effort to promote friendly ties and cross border cultural exchange, Shahzad sang a duet with Indian singer Sukhbir in year 2005 which was a hit. He also has the honor of bringing internationally famous singer Bryan Adams to Pakistan to perform in a charity concert for the earthwauke victims.

One of his recent achievements include a song sung by Shehzad Roy in the soundtrack of a Bollywood movie "Khatta Meetha" starring Akshay Kumar. The song is based on the same theme as Roy's previous songs 'Laga Rey' and 'Qismat Apnay Haath Mei'

Notable works: Albums : Zindagi (1995), Darshan (1997), Teri Soorat (1999) ,Rab Jaanay (2002)
, Buri Baat Hai (2005), Qismat Apney Haath Mein (2008)

Khatta Meetha OST (2010)

Founder and President of Zindagi Trust


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