Among the countless talented comedians who have made a name in Pakistani media, television has the credit for grooming most of them. Especially with the production of programs like 'Fifty Fifty', a number of talented comedians were discovered by Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV). Majid Jehangir is one of them.

Best known for his numerous performances on 'Fifty Fifty', his most appreciated performances were with his costars Ismail Tara and Zeba Shehnaz. The audiences loved him in particular in the segment he and Ismail Tara used to do together, in which they would play two Bihari characters by the name of Munwa and Bubwa. The characters got so famous that their oft repeated sentence 'Ajab keh raha hai bhaee' became one of the most catchphrases of the time.

As part of the show, Majid donned countless getups, right from a traffic police warden to an old man. Majid confesses that he had come to television to give an audition as a singer in the late 1970s; he ended up being chosen as a performer for the show. He utilized his love for singing in the show by singing a number of funny qawalis.

In 1981, Majid also appeared in a film called 'Fasley' but the experience did not turn out to be a successful one for him as the movie flopped on the box office. Realizing that film was not his cup of tea, he returned to television. In the later years of the airing of 'Fifty Fifty', he and Ismail Tara took over the role of script writing from Anwar Maqsood.

He recently teamed up with his former costar Ismail Tara, reprising their roles as Munwa and Babwa once again on a program called 'Ajab Keh Raha Hai Bhaee', aired on Express TV. For his services to the entertainment industry of Pakistan, he was awarded the President's Pride of Performance Award.



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