Being one of the most familiar faces of television, it is quite surprising that not much has been known about the personal life of Zeba Shehnaz. The veteran actress and comedic genius has been a private person when it comes to her domestic life. This can be judged by the fact that Zeba Shehnaz does not appear for many one on one interviews on electronic as well as print media.

Regardless of this fact, however, her fans still love her. Having set precedence by being one of the very few female faces on the program, Zeba Shehnaz soon gained immense popularity among the audience for her preppy personality and amazing impersonation skills. In many ways, she along with Bushra Ansari, established a legacy for the upcoming female comedians to follow. One of her most famous impersonations was Madam Noor Jahan in which Zeba Shehnaz was commended for being spot on with her parody and getup.

Although she did not leave television at any point in time, Zeba Shehnaz also made her mark in Lollywood appearing in movies such as 'Haathi Meray Saathi' (1993), 'Munda Bigra Jaye' (1995) and 'Chief Sahab' (1996). With the arrival of private television channels, Zeba Shehnaz made a comeback to the medium from where she started her journey.

In recent times, she has hosted her own talk show on Indus Television by the name of 'Weekend With Zeba Shehnaz' in which she interviewed a number of well known celebrities. At present, one of her dramas is being aired on TV One by the name of 'Haryalay Bannay' in which she acted alongside the late Moin Akhtar.

The contributions made by this versatile female comedian to the world of showbiz do not end here as her profile would be incomplete without mentioning the remarkable stage plays that she has been a part of. In particular, her stage play with Umer Sharif titled 'Bakra Qiston Pe' has remained fresh in people's memories even after almost twenty years since it was first staged.


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