Television in Pakistan has been one medium that has produced countless stars. While many of them went on to have a long term relationship with TV thus becoming unforgettable for people, there have also been some faces that appeared on TV for a short stint and then disappeared. Among such TV stars was Farah Shah who managed to leave an impression even in the short TV career that she had.

Entering showbiz as a young girl, Farah shot to fame as a host in the Lollywood songs countdown program 'Yehi To Hai Lollywood'. Although not related to film in any way, Farah impressed the audiences with her amazing knowledge about films and film stars. At that time, rival channels were showing similar film songs programs with Nadia Khan and Ayesha hosting them respectively. Although both of them already had a fan following, Farah's unique and lively style made her hosting style unique from the competition.

Meanwhile, Farah also entered into acting, with her role as a grieving lover in 'Boota From Toba Tek Singh' being one of her earliest appearances in dramas. The drama was written by veteran TV playwright Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar and got immense popularity. Later on, she gave one of her most powerful performances in the critically acclaimed drama 'Landa Bazaar', which was also penned by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar. Another memorable performance of hers was in the drama 'Chasman', in which audiences saw her as a simple innocent girl.

The highlight of Farah's short career was the fact that she won a PTV World award for best host for the program 'Yehi To Hai Lollywood', which further authenticated the fact that Farah was not only loved by the viewers, she was also appreciated by the TV gurus. During her professional career, there were also rumors that she had signed a movie but they turned out to be false.


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