The rise of television in Pakistan is mostly due to the launching of many new private channels, both entertainment and current affairs. Moreover, the media policies in present times are much more flexible than they used to be in the earlier days, especially during the 1980s. With the newfound freedom to express their ideas through performing arts, the TV channels have been actively highlighting different social issues, creating a mass appeal among the audiences.

The trend that has been observed is that viewers generally appreciate dramas that deal with the realistic depiction of social themes. That is why writers who base their dramas on reality or realistic portrayal of human emotions have been considered successful in recent years. Dilshad Naeem also falls in the category of writers who keep the element of reality alive in their scripts.

Dilshad's most prominent project to date has been 'Tum Bhi Kaho', which aired from Pakistan Television (PTV). The play was directed by Usman Zulfiqar and co-produced by Tariq and Laila Zuberi. It revolved around the sensitive relationship of a married couple, which can be defined by trust as well as doubts.

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