The Pakistani film viewers who remember the Lollywood movies made during the eighties, would find the name Sabeeta quite familiar. A noted film actress of the yesteryears, Sabeeta appeared in a number of movies such as 'Ruby', 'Bangkok Ke Chor', 'Himmat Wala', 'Manila Ki Bijlian' and 'Nijaat'.

However, with the declining state of the film industry, Sabeeta sidelined herself from showbiz and took a break from acting. In recent years though, the audiences have been able to see this pretty actress back on the screen but this time on the small screen.

Sabeeta has played a number of roles in TV dramas since resuming her acting duties again. 'Gath Jorh' (TV One), 'Wardi' (PTV), 'Aik Bechara' (ARY Digital) and 'Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai' (Geo TV) have been her most recent work on screen for which Sabeeta has not only received a warm welcome but also a lot of appreciation.


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