Open Letter of Ushna Shah Against Pakistani Hypocrisy During Ramadan

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“If you’re a moron before Ramadan and if you’re a moron after Ramadan, please don’t send me those ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ graphics captioned with how auspicious the month is and how you seek forgiveness from Allah.You’re going back to being a moron after Eid and you know it!”

Wrote famous Pakistani actress Ushna Shah regarding special Ramazan transmission. As she continued:

“I’m not very religious, that is obvious, but I will take being a bystander and being deemed whatever the hell they deem me, over exploiting our religion any day! I have zero respect for the veil dawning Virgin Marys who make millions off Ramazan transmission by preaching the word of God on Iftar shows and become tutti fruitties a month later.”

An open letter was written on her Facebook page about the hypocrite people especially to personalities who pretend to be pious during Ramadan. Exposing the whole crew of these transmissions, she also wrote:

“The same director who have hit on me and not given me work because some other actress gave in,” Ushna Shah wrote in her letter to explain the double standard of people.

At the end of the letter, she clarifies by putting a note that she is not targeting the people who truly believes in Islam’s spirit, she only targeting the people who fake it. Her letter has instantly gone viral after her post and received positive response and appreciation from the Industry and othersActor Osman Khalid Butt committed that,

Actor Osman Khalid Butt committed as:

Ushna for President! Lao you, you straight-talking BS-repellant Barbarella!”

Photographer Zara Tarren also could not stop herself from commenting on the matter as she said:

“I will finally allow my mother to call you her daughter without any hesitation”.

The matter seems to be going viral in both public and industry sector with Ushna Shah enjoying much appreciation and approval on the issue.

Here is the original post:




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