Om Puri – The legendary actor is no more

om Puri

The brilliant and a versatile Bollywood actor passed away on Friday, January 6th, 2017 in Mumbai. Initially, according to the medical report, Om Puri died because of cardiac arrest; however, the postmortem reports revealed that he didn’t die of a “natural cause.” It’s going to open a new chapter to his death investigation.

Post mortem report also revealed that Om Puri also sustained a head injury that became the reason of his death. This revelation has definitely made this whole issue more controversial. Let’s not jump to any conclusions until the law-enforcement agencies further investigate the veteran’s death.

Om was born on October 18th, 1950. He started his acting career in Ghashiram Kotwal, a 1976 Bollywood movie.

Om Puri ruled the art-house cinema with his exceptional acting skills from the early 80’s till his death. He’s known as the best art movie actor in the Bollywood. Moreover, he also worked in many Hollywood hits including Charlie Wilson’s War and the City of Joy.

He has recently performed a role in a Lollywood’s “Actors in Law”; a movie based on corruption and gender discrimination. Om Puri always praised the Lollywood and once said that Bollywood should also make “socially conscious movies.”

He also showed a willingness to work in Lollywood movies during an interview to a news channel. After playing a role of lawyer father in “Actors in Law”, the versatile actor said that he would work in more Pakistani movies even his role is for few minutes.

Tribute to the legendary actor Om Puri

Our Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Shareef also paid a tribute to the legendary actor Om Puri for his work in Lollywood movies. PM also appreciated his efforts of trying to bring peace in the region.

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Om puri

He also holds Order of the British Empire (OBE) award. There are few Indians who have ever received OBE from the Queen. His recent foreign movie “The Hundred-Foot Journey” is a crowd-pleasing classic which got him great fame across the World.

The great actor had a great personality and intellect. He always advocated peace. Even at the times when the heat between Pakistan & India was rising. He never spoke of a war between the both countries.

According to him, the 200 million Muslims living in India have relatives in Pakistan and so the people living in Pakistan have relatives in India. War can never help the economic growth of the region. Moreover, the people of both countries don’t want war either.

Because of his soft-corner for Pakistanis, so many Indian extremists don’t value him and often pass hateful slurs against him. Moreover, a couple Indian extremists have filed complaints against him that he disrespected Indian soldiers. Though, |He defended his case and dominated.

actor om puri

So, people also say that Om Puri has been murdered by one of those extremists who hate him for advocating peace which definitely baffles the warmongers. Let’s hope that if he’s been murdered, then the criminals are dealt according to the law. Otherwise, people will fear to talk about peace and especially against the warmongers in public.




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