Nusrat Ara – From Bil Batori to a Beggar at Shrine of Data Ali Hajveri

Bil Batori - Ainak Wala jin

If you were a teenager in the 90’s, then you definitely watched “Ainak Wala Jinn” show (The most popular Pakistani TV comedy show for kids). A show with the supernatural characters including Zakoota Jinn, Hamoon magician, and the central character Nastur Jinn provided children with a recess from the homework.

While talking about Ainak Wala Jinn, we can’t forget Bil Batori; played by a female actress Nusrat Ara. Despite the character to be negative, she casted her spells to make the kids laugh. She performed so brilliantly that people still remember her signature dialogue, “Bil Batori Nassan Chauree, Adhee Mithee, Adhee Kauri.”

Unfortunately, she isn’t living the life of a celebrity anymore. Nusrat Ara doesn’t have sufficient income to manage her daily expenses. She’s currently surviving on the Data Ali Hajveri’s shrine food.

Bil Batori

She (Bil Batori) was a permanent resident of Karachi roughly 30 years ago when she decided to settle in Lahore. Her reason for coming to the city of gardens was to pursue her acting career. She got notable popularity from the show “Ainak Wala Jinn” which faded away with time. Since then, she’s struggling to live a middle-class life. However, it didn’t work out for her; causing her to become a victim of severe anxiety and developed mental disorders.

It’s really despairing to see how the fate takes a wrong turn. In Nusrat’s case, it’s hideous. She feels so ashamed of herself. She never thought life would treat her in such a way. In an interview with a local newspaper, she claimed to cheer up people with her acting for 25 years. But, no one has come to rescue her when she’s in the state of distress. She feels so dejected to beg for even food.

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Nusrat Ara – Bil Batori of Ainak Wala Jin

Nusrat became a full-time beggar somewhere around 3 years ago when she had to go to Data Ali Hajveri’s shrine for money. Just a few days ago, she was admitted to a local hospital in the state of unconsciousness.

Bil Batori - Ainak Wala jin

Life is really testing her in the old age. She’s eating the shrine food for the last 3 years. She never asked anyone for help but now she’s grown old and feeble. She has no source of income and she has to pay Rs. 10,000 every month as a house rent. She has pleaded help from Prime Minister. She’s 65 now and can’t move well because of physical weakness. The government must do something for the former TV actress who entertained thousands of Pakistani people with her acting.

She also said in an interview that it’s cruelty to neglect a former actress who served the entertainment industry of Pakistan for over 2 decades. She expects the government to bear her medical expenses at least.

Her patriotism hasn’t faded a bit even going through privation. She’s still proud of her country and doesn’t complain about how she’s been neglected.

Luckily, the managing director of Pakistan Baitul Mal (PBM), Barrister Abid Waheed Sheikh took instant notice of her worst physical and social conditions and announced to give 10 million rupees for her medical treatment.

Nusrat Ara had a heart attack which is why she’s admitted to Combined Military Hospital, Lahore. The government will bear all the hospital expenses also.

In addition to this, PBM will give fifty thousand rupees to Nusrat Ara every month so she can meet her daily expenses. This is definitely a turn-over in the perspective of helping the former actors. Our notable comedians like Mastana and Babu Baral died in the similar conditions as of Nusrat. So, it’s good news that our government is doing something for their entertainment industry artists.

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This help is definitely a positive sign for the emerging artists who may be worried about their future in entertainment industry especially when they’re old.





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