FBR Seals Noor Bukhari And Saba Qamar’s Homes

Noor Bukhari

Rumor has it, FBR seals the homes of the two Pakistani actors Noor Bukhari and Saba Qamar.

Noor Bukhari

They didn’t pay their taxes so government played its role. The Express Tribune got in touch with the veteran actor. Noor Bukhari completely denied the rumors. She said it is merely a damage to her reputation. Upon the advent of this issue, Noor Bukhari said:

“I am a regular tax payer and a responsible citizen to this country,” Bukhari asserted. “It is only a rumor that FBR has sealed my house. These are just petty antics to damage my reputation.”

Nonetheless, she further added,

“However, it is true that I received a notice for a tax payment of around PKR1.5 million. My case in this regard is already in the court. Therefore, it rather came as a shock that the department sent me the notice since my case is already legally pending.”

Noor Bukhari Thinks She Does Not Need To Pay High Tax

“Why should I pay such a huge amount, I haven’t worked for the last two years in the industry. The concerned departments where I used to work are responsible for paying the taxes, and if any authority isn’t clearing the due amount, then why should I pay it?”Noor Bukhari said.

Noor Bukhari thinks people are already trying hard to damage her fame. She has been facing the same issue for quite some time. However, Noor plans to sue the organization involved in spreading false rumors about her over the tax issue. Whereas the Hindi Medium actor, Saba Qamar, wrote on her social media about it. Her statement read,

“Well, I’m not in trouble. Recently, the news about my house being sealed has been circulating so let me take this opportunity to clear all these rumors based on nothing but lies. My house has not been sealed, neither has my bank account.” She further cleared her stance on the matter, “I’m a tax filer. It is very disappointing that channels are circulating such news without finding out the truth. These channels have no credibility as they have been spreading such rumors.”




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