Najam Sethi Becomes Board Member of PCB Again


The chairman for Pakistan Super League PSL, Najam Sethi, has been made a member of the board of governors of Pakistan cricket board PCB. The decision was made the patron in chief of the cricket board that is the prime minister of the country, Muhammad Nawaz Shareef.

This is not the first time that Najam Sethi has been made a part of the board of governors of PCB he has been an inevitable part of the board for many years. The decision to make Najam Sethi a part of the board of governors was made on Saturday. This nomination of Najam Sethi as a part of BOG has strengthened his long talked about chances of being the next chairman of the Pakistani cricket board. It is expected that the 69 years old Najam Sethi will replace the 83 years old Shehryar Khan, who is the current chairman of PCB, after his tenure will end in August 2017.

Najam Sethi: Most Expectedly The New PCB Chairman

Despite the fact that Najam Sethi has no previous relationship with cricket, he has been a part of the board since this government came into practice. Najam Sethi hosted a very successful event in the form of PSL for 2 times as a chairman and has been a part of the board of governors of PCB more than once. This gives Najam Sethi a great chance for being the next chairman of the cricket board. After the current chairman will retire, the Patron Nawaz Shareef will ask to hold new elections. This will prompt a meeting of the BoG, which will select one of the members amongst themselves through majority vote. The whole process will be completed in not more than four weeks. The newly selected chairman will be so till 2020.

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