Muhammad Irfan Faces Ban for 1 Year and a One Million Fine

Muhammad Irfan

Muhammad Irfan, the left-arm pacer of Pakistan is facing a ban for one year. He was found guilty for breaking the code of conduct laid by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). In addition to this ban, he is also bound to pay Rs1 million as a fine. The central contract of this player with PCB is canceled and during first six months of this ban, no single contract will be offered to him.

Nevertheless, Irfan may have to help the PCB’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) whenever required during early six months of this punishment. He must participate in various lectures, organized time to time by the ACU. The behavior of Irfan will be closely monitored in the early phase of this ban and if he successfully mends his character and keeps himself away from controversies, PCB will reconsider its decision.

Muhammad Irfan Faces Ban

While talking to the media, Irfan, exclaimed that he repents and feel regretful. He further stated that it was my obligation to inform PCB regarding my contact with bookies. However, I failed to fulfill the same and now ready to face the punishment.

 ‘I apologize for the negligence’

“First of all, I thank all of you for coming,” he said. “As you all know, I was suspended on March 14 by the PCB on accounts of two allegations against me. I accept my mistake that I didn’t inform the PCB or the ACU on time.”

Irfan further stated that throughout his cricketing career, he tried not to indulge in any kind of illegal activities. He replied with a “shut-up” call to approaching bookies.

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“When contacted, I had given the bookies a shut-up call,” said Irfan. “I never got involved with anyone in any sort of corruption. I had given the PCB the right to give me any punishment that they deem necessary.”

The fast bowler regretted his overt actions and apologized to his family, fans and everyone else whose feelings were hurt.

“I apologize to everyone whom I have hurt due to my negligence. I am hopeful that you all will forgive me for it.”




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