Mom’s Second Trailer: Revealing Relationship Between Sajal Aly And Sridevi


The second trailer of the upcoming Indian movie MOM starring Sajal Aly and Sridevi as the leading characters have been released giving us a little hint about the story and relationship and turmoil between Sajal Aly and Sridevi.

The second trailer starts off from where the first trailer had ended and although the team behind the film has tried very hard not to reveal any idea of the plot or story of the film, we can have an idea about the nature of the relationship between Sajal Aly and her MOM Siri Devi. The trailer shows some glimpses of Sajal Aly in distress and a mournful mood and also we can see Siri Devi trying to make something wrong as right. Also, the trailer shows Siri Devi living in a limbo which also favors the above-made assumption about the relations between Sajal Aly and her MOM.

MOM: The Most Awaited Movie of 2017

Just by having a glimpse of these 2 trailers, we can say that MOM seems to be a promising and top notch movie. The movie cast includes famous and very highly professional actors from both Pakistan and India and hence it makes it more attractive. People from Pakistan are excited about it as it casts our 2 most amazing actors, Adnan Siddiqui and Sajal Aly and Indians are also impatiently waiting to enjoy the performance of their golden classical beauty Siri Devi who is making an appearance after a break of some years. The trailer furthermore gives us some idea about the story that it is very different and unique from other oft-repeated stories which are now in almost every other movie.

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Watch Mom Trailer 2 Here




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