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Momina Mustehsan coke studio

Coke Studio started nine years ago and each year, this platform has given some exceptional singers. Also, introducing the fusion of cross-cultural music and singing. This year’s sensation is Momina Mustehsan, who has taken the nation by a storm.

She is a 23-year-old New York-based Pakistani singer who is an Engineer and a Mathematician by profession and a singer by passion. She is now getting famous with the title ‘Beauty with Brains’.

It has succeeded in bringing together popular Pakistani singers and some amazing singers who were yet to be renowned. Many singers have gained popularity and increased fan following through this platform of recreating some legendary Pakistani songs.

Watch Momina Unseen Videos – Compilation

Coke Studio does complete justice to recreating the old songs. Recreating songs in Coke Studio is actually creating something new instead of just singing the song in the same way again. It has gained to increase it’s popularity because of it’s unique music approach.

Listen to Debut Song of Momina [Coke Studio]

In the second episode of Coke Studio Season 9, MominaMustehsan made her debut with the song ‘AfreenAfreen’ which was a recreation of the famous Qawwali of our legend Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (NFAK). As always, some loved the new version while others loved the older one more because for Pakistanis NFAK is exceptional.

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Though, she made her efforts to tribute the Legendary NFAK not showing her version to be somewhat superior.

Watch a Leak Video – Before she was famous!

Momina Mustehsan sang this song with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and grabbed the attention of the whole nation with her beauty and velvety voice. She added a few amazing lines to this qawwali and took it to the next level of awesomeness. This pairing has created such a spark in the history of the music industry which was not witnessed for a very long time.

Her Career as a Singer

Momina Mustehsan coke studio

Before being featured in Coke Studio, she sang her first song for the Bollywood movie, ‘Ek Villain’ and also sang her part in Farhan Saeed’s song ‘Pee Jaaon’. But she was not that much famous till she came to Coke Studio. And now she has people spellbound by her magical voice and Diva looks.

It’s evident from history that everyone struggled in the beginning before they get fame though, it was a short period for her.

Social media is full of tweets, posts, memes related to MominaMustehsan as the nation is highly impressed by her marvelous performances as well as for her decent personality.

Want to Know Her as a Person?


For her fans to know her better as a person, Geo News just had a round of Toss Up with her recently. She has stated a few of her thoughts in this session that has taken the hearts of several people.

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Through her interview, we have come to know a few things about her likes and dislikes, her passion and her ambition, her family, and her inspiration.

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Much of a Family Oriented Person

family pic

It is seen that she is very fond of her family because in a few questions she has mentioned that she really misses the time when all of her family members used to spend time together as everyone has now become busy and they rarely get together. Also, she said that she wishes to know her grandfather as a person, who had passed away before she was born. From her answers, one can get an idea of her sentiments for her family and how family oriented person she is in real life.

Her favorite book these days is ‘The Forty Rules of Love’ by ‘ElifShafak’. According to her, this book has some deep thoughts and messages.

Straight Forward and Humble Personality

Another thing which can be concluded from this Toss Up is that she is a very humble and a straight forward person. She said that she is quite punctual and be on time for all her meetings/events. She likes to cook in her free time and takes singing as a passion. Her passion can be seen by listening to her songs. It’s obvious that she got what it takes to be a music icon

She admires ‘Amal Clooney’ for her personality and is a fan of ‘MaleehaLodhi’, who is a permanent Pakistan representative to the UN.

In Politics, she has stated in a very light mood that she is not a supporter of PM Nawaz Sharif and wants him to resign from this post; another TV artist who isn’t in favor of PML (N) policies.

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Admires Bravery and Independence


Her favorite Disney character is ‘Esmeralda’ from ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’ because of her strong, brave, independent and kind character. She despises hypocrites and people who lack ambition in life.

Momina Mustehsan’s sizzling personality has set an example for all females that you can achieve whatever you want in your life as long as you are passionate enough to achieve the target.

She is rightfully called “Beauty with Brains”.

Watch Momina Interview

I know you guys really want to see her talking. I found a few interviews where she was willing to talk about her life, career, and ambitions. She isn’t just beautiful but she has the traits of a professional person. Watch Momina interview below.

I’ve added more interview clips that I found on YouTube. I hope you will find this article handy as I’ve put all the information that you may need in one place.

Watch Momina interview for PhaserMag

Watch Coke Studio Live with Momina Mustehsan

UPDATE: Momina Mustehsan got engaged this week.

The guy she picked as her future life partner is a banker, based in the US. His name is Ali Naqvi. Both got engaged in a private ceremony and avoided a lot of possible media attention. Still, the news of her getting married is viral on social media and everyone wants to see her engagement pics. Ali Naqvi seems to be a lucky guy to have her in his life. But folks, there aren’t much except the one main picture that you could see everywhere.






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