“Mere Rashke Qamar” by Rabi Pirzada Is the Worst Nightmare of Music Lovers

Rabi Pirzada

Listening to the great classics is a soothing experience. However, this is not the same when listening to a remix of “Mere Rashke Qamar” by Rabi Pirzada. This remix version is nothing but an annoying rendition. The Qawali was originally sung by the legendary singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

No doubt, this fascinating composition by the king of Qawali has inspired numerous artists; however, none of them has done such an irreparable damage to this classic. The original Qawali is an ideal blend of mesmerizing melody, strong lyrics and a soothing voice. All these ingredients were the actual secret of its popularity.

An Overview of Failed Attempt

On the contrary, a creepy version of this classic by Pirzada is lacking all these components. She has committed the worst mistake of her life by changing everything, which once related to the original. In addition, her low profile singing abilities have cast a drastic impact over the listener’s ears. Her voice is not even close to Khan’s overpowered and amazing vocal.

Most Irrelevant Video You May Ever Watch

Rabi Pirzada

Talking about the video, it surely is a failed attempt. It includes unwanted characters like slaughtered dolls and snakes. It depicts few men fasten with ropes and women trying to take revenge by killing them. The only thing one can say about the video is, “watch it at your own risk!” Since, it’s a torture in a disguise.

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Appearance of Rabi Pirzada

Rabi Pirzada

She appears as a female version of Don “Bano the killer” in this awful video. Rabi relates the theme of this video to women empowerment and an attempt to display her reservations regarding male domination. She shared these thoughts on social media and declared that this song depicts the actual strength of a woman.

Watch this Video Here: Mere Rashke Qamar by Rabi Pirzada

Hilarious Outfit and Childish Concept

During most scenes of the video, Rabi is wearing a churidar shalwar kameez and a pair of long boots. It is one of its kind and awkward looking dressing, you might have ever seen. She tries to boost off her bold attitude by playing with a python. There are some slaughtered dolls, which does not make any sense. It also displays horrific scenes of killing and torturing of the captives with guns and blades.

Rabi Failed to Depict the True Essence of the Original Song

This feverish video is far behind in portraying the original song’s fantastic theme. It is just an uncontrolled and overwrought endeavor to promote women empowerment. Rabi totally went the wrong way in displaying the actual meaning of “Mere Rashke Qamar” song. Her dismal approach regarding this particular video is not equivalent to the intimate words of Nusrat’s outstanding composition.


The emotions and indulging atmosphere of original song are robbed. So, what left behind is the terrible nightmare. Filming glamorous scenes by wearing seductive clothes and depicting dreadful actions with weapons is not what our culture suggests.

It seems that Rabi tried to make a strong impression on her fans. However, she ends up in delivering a useless piece of junk. To conclude, “Mere Rashke Qamar” by Rabi Pirzada is a complete failure in terms of visuals, concept, and vocals.

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