Meera To Tie Knots With Captain Naveed Next Month


The much talked about actress of the country, Meera is going to get married to captain Naved in the next month that is August. This ceremony that will be making the things official between Meera and Captain Naveed is scheduled to be settled in Lahore.

There has always been much controversy about Meera related to her marriage issues. She has been rumored to be in a relationship with Captain Naveed since a long time. Recently, Meera herself broke the news that she is going to tie the knot with her soul mate but she did not tell the name. Yet, it was easily predictable that the man of Meera’s dreams is Captain Naveed. Meera did not want to give away the details as she said that whenever she talks about getting married, the media starts building up controversies about her. And these controversies lead to hurdles in her love life.

Meera Already Signed Nikah Papers

Meera’s father told a magazine that the Nikkah has already taken place between Meera and Naveed two years ago and now just a reception will take place to make things official between the two. He said that “Meera has had her nikkah with Captain Naveed already but there was this issue of Sheikh Atique that sprung up; he was claiming to be married to my daughter”. Sheikh Atique was a man who once claimed that he is the husband of Meera that gave hype to many controversies about Meera and the marriage of these two got postponed. As per the sources the start Meera is going to be married in a very eastern way and both the families are in Lahore nowadays to do the preparations. We wish the couple all the best for future.

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