Marham Pakistan, A Bridge Between Doctors and Patients


Pakistan’s new Android application Marham is breaking the barriers between doctors and patients.

Marham Pakistan is an online platform that directly connects patients with the doctors. It also enables patients to seek second opinions about their medical condition as well as to book an appointment or interact with other community members.

Through Marham Pakistan, patients can locate doctors nearby and book an appointment directly.  Marham Pakistan is cutting down the need to visit the hospital and book an appointment physically all through a simple android application. The platform also features a forum that the patients can utilize to interact with other patients with the same medical condition. The forum can also be used for inquiring & seeking medical assistance from highly professional and qualified doctors around the globe. It also features a Facebook forum for the users to interact and seek medical assistance or suggestions from doctors or other users. According to the co-founder of Marham, nearly 400, 500 appointments are booked every day from more than 15 cities per day via the platform. Marham Pakistan has helped millions of patients find a doctor since its development in January 2016. Marham today features more than 10,000 certified doctors with multiple specialties to help patients in around 15 cities. The platform is about to expand to smaller cities as well by collecting data and seeking top qualified doctors to join the platform.

An End To Waiting

The medical setup in Pakistan, unfortunately, isn’t very advanced. Some private and government hospitals require patients to stand in queues for hours just to book an appointment or simply to see a doctor. Moreover, the management isn’t sorted out properly either. Doctors not coming on time, delaying patients is a daily routine in small hospitals as well as government hospitals. This causes problems for patients and some are often mistreated. Marham aims to knock down the barriers between patients and doctors by allowing the patients to virtually book an appointment and visit a doctor on a specified time. Hence eliminating the need to visit the hospital just to book an appointment.

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