Manwa Sisters- First Female Qawwal Group to Release their Debut Song

Manwa Sisters

Qawwali culture is popular in Pakistan. We also have some legendary qawwals on our part that are renowned globally. But for the first time ever, qawwali has been adopted by female singers  as a profession.

Manwa sisters are the trendsetters being the first ever female qawwal group. Their debut song ‘Allah Janay’ is due release soon.

The trio consists of Saba, Fouzia and Zillay Huma hailing from Faisalabad. They have been singing together from the time they were young little angels. They have also performed the songs of their favorites Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Noor Jahan on various occasions.

This is the first time ever they will be trying a Qawwali. The sisters got their strength for the first time they left Faisalabad and moved to Lahore. Since the day, they have been trying hard and their spirits are getting higher.

The girls belong to a renowned qawwal family – the Kerala Gharana. The family has a good repute in producing some brilliant artists.

Why the name Manwa sisters?

manwa sisters singing Qawwali

On asking, the girls told the reason behind choosing the name of their group that will represent them. Saba said that they do whatever they want and whatever they wish for, hence the name Manwa.  The literal meaning of the word is same in Urdu.

It was their wish to get their talent recognized and their original debut song ‘Allah Janay’ is the first step towards it.

Though the girls Manwa sisters started singing at an early age, it was three years ago that they decided to form Manwa and start music as a profession.

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The girls had the chance to get training from Indian classical music masters due to the close relations of their family with Indian musicians.

The Manwa Sisters – Why Chose Qawwali?

Manwa Sisters qawal group

The trio has been performing Lollywood movie songs on stage for a while now. But they selected Qawwali for their debut in the music industry.

Saba said that we have tried different musical genres but its qawwali that we feel comes naturally to us. We have it in our blood.

Zillay Huma added that they are aware of the current music trends and we will be releasing our songs in other genres too.

The girls reasoned that currently, it’s not possible to formulate a proper qawwali band. We don’t have many resources to pay them all. That’s we have kept the band to the three of us for now.

The talented siblings of Manwa group told that they all have completed their graduation and are currently tutoring students in Lahore to make both ends meet.

The girls further added that they share a unique understanding. Within the past three years, they have received a collaboration invitation from many bands but right now, they are only considering working out the group of three.

They said that they might consider collaborating with other bands in the future.

The girls are enthusiastic and working to achieve their goals. We wish them all the best for their debut song.




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