Mansha Pasha Opens Up On The Hypocrisy of Celebrities in Ramadan


Talking about the Ramazan transmissions, Mansha Pasha said it seems like Ramadan has nothing to do with the religion anymore. She said this in the contexts of Ramadan special talk shows and game shows every other channel has to offer.

The “Chalay Thay Sath” actress has played many exclusive roles and is famous for her serious and decent acting. She recently said that she does not want to be a part of this whole hypocrisy going on in Ramadan as the showbiz stars and TV channels have started a whole new earning scheme with misusing the religion. The actress stated that she has not been to any such show even though she was invited. Mansha Pasha stated further that she was disappointed when one of her friends said that “Ramadan is the best month to earn.” Mansha Pasha said that it is sad that we live in a time where celebrities go from doing item numbers in one month to donning dupattas for Ramadan shows.

Ramadan shows Are Exploiting Our Religion

Sadly in Ramadan, the month of collecting blessings and virtues, our TV channels have forced our nation to get busy in collecting bikes and cars. The true essence of Ramadan which was once to feel the plight of poor and needy around us is now replaced by building a materialistic approach in our people. Equally sad is that people having a little insight on religion are teaching us religion in Ramadan. Mansha Pasha is not the first actress to report to this fact. Before this, the Bashar Momin girl, Ushna Shah has also expressed the same ideas in her Facebook post even before the Ramadan started.

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