Mann Mayal Tops TV Ratings Despite Inconsistencies In Script

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It’s the same old story. A girl from a wealthy family falls in love with a guy from a humble background and the social and economic barriers make their union impossible. The hit TV drama Mann Mayal might have a classic story with a few inconsistencies in the script, but it is still being loved by everyone.

Minahil or Mannu (Maya Ali) falls in love with Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) as they get to spend some time together when Salahuddin stats tutoring her. Mannu, who is brave and has no problems fighting for her love, finds herself in middle of nowhere when Salahuddin shows his laid back attitude towards her due to his lack of wealth and social position. He finds it difficult to muster the courage to ask for Mannu’s hand despite Mannu’s support.

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Mannu, in her deep disappointment and sorrow, accepts the first ‘rishta’ that comes along and eventually ties knot with Meekal (Gohar Rasheed), who appears to be superficially pleasant but turns out to be unstable and impulsive.

Why Mann Mayal is a hit?

The secret for Mann Mayal lies in its strong cast and a powerful on-screen performances. Hamza Ali Abbasi has delivered a very strong performance so far, filling the screen with his powerful role while Maya Ali has surprised everyone with her expressions, dialogue delivery and her attention to detail.

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The other surprise packages are Gohar Rasheed and Aiman Khan who are possibly delivering performances of a lifetime. Gohar has done a lot of generic roles and has never shown the star quality until now. On the other hand, Aiman Khan has shown a lot of commitment to her role and has proved that she is a talent to watch in the coming years.

Mann Mayal has a brilliant production. The lighting and the sets are worth praising. Producer Sana Shah Nawaz has definitely paid a lot of attention to details even thought it’s her first TV production.

Why Mann Mayal won’t be a classic?

Although drama serial Mann Mayal has gathered a lot of momentum in its first six episodes and it’s set to become the biggest hit of 2016, it won’t probably be included in a list of classic dramas serials.

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Mann Mayal is written by Samira Fazal who has a lot of good work to her credit. Some of her work is critically acclaimed. Nevertheless, this time around she fails to create the dramatic tension that emotionally connects audience with the plot. Here are a few drawbacks that became obvious in the first six episodes.

  • The script hasn’t portrayed the intensity of feelings between the lead characters so far. Salahuddin, who initially shows interest in Mannu, never really indicates that he loves her, keeping the audience confused. This might have been acceptable considering the plot needed him to stay strong and emotionless but only if his dialogues were backing him up. That’s not the case as Salahuddin’s emotions and feelings for Mannu lack definition.
  • The plot also fails to tell us emotional state of Mannu who wants to come back to her home after being unhappy in her marriage. However, the next scene tells a totally different story as she looks calm and absorbed in her marriage, trying her best to make it perfect. She is willing to turn herself inside out to win over her husband.
  • Meekal’s character also seems unable to deliver his true emotion to the audience as he seemed interested in Mannu before a scene where he wants her to take her dupatta off, disgusting how she looks. Earlier, he had no issues with anything like that.
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So far it’s been only six episodes and there could be a plot twist coming up that would help us forget about the shortcomings in plot. After all Samira Faza, the writer, is known for unexpected twists midway through the story. 





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