Major Terrorist Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan – A Detailed Report

Terrorist Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan

Pakistan is facing real hard times, especially with the wave of terrorism that hasn’t stopped despite the success of Zarb-e-Azab operation, or at least that’s how it’s being portrayed.

With a recent blast in a park in Lahore on Easter when Christian-minority had gathered to celebrate the day, it looks as if Minorities in Pakistan aren’t at peace. Their lives are on high-risk and government needs to do something to protect them more than ever now.

Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan in 2013

These attacks on minorities isn’t anything new in Pakistan. The hatred started with a major attack in 2013 when an angry mob put a town on fire in Larkana. This town had Hindu population. The attackers smashed statues and looted gold from Hindu temples before burning it all down.
Later that year, we witnessed the deadliest attack on minorities in Peshawar where terrorists killed 83 people with twin suicide bombs. This was in September 22, 2013.

But as if it wasn’t enough of cruelty for terrorists, they hit again, burning Joseph colony and with it 200 houses of Christians. This time the anger was due to an accusation of blasphemy. Even the police knew about this incident as they warned Christians a day before that they will be attacked and that they should vacant their houses and the town if they wanted to live.

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Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan in 2014

We saw many incidents of violence and attacks against Christian and Hindu minorities in the country during 2013 but 2014 wasn’t going to be a year of peace as promised by Army many times. The Army also ended up spending a lot of tax money to chase these terrorists but it looked as if all the money was going to help the majority population, leaving minorities exposed to terrorists, making them an easy target.

A Christian couple was attached near Lahore by an angry mob who wanted to kill all the Christians, starting with the ones they could find closer to them. The mob killed the couple and burnt their bodies in a kiln. The poor Christian family used to work at the kiln before they were fed to it in November.

Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan in 2015

2014 passed away with just one major report coming from across the country involving attack on minorities and the Pakistan Army kept making progress throughout the year, ensuring terrorism will end now. However, 2015 showed us that terrorists are a global problem now as many terrorists attacks around the world started making headlines.

In May, Ismaili community was targeted in Karachi. Gunmen entered a bus and opened fire. The bus was carrying Ismaili students. The militants killed 43 of them in this brutal terror attack.

But Ismailii community wasn’t the only one to be targeted in 2015. An angry mob burned down a factory in Jhelum. The factory was owned by a member of Ahmadiyya community. The terrorists burned everyone inside the factory except those who managed to escape.

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Attacks on Minorities in Pakistan in 2016

attacks on minorities in Pakistan

This new year was expected to bring a lot of hope to distressed and terrorized Pakistani minorities but it didn’t go according to plans. On March 27, nearly 72 people were killed and 350 injured during a terrorist attack. This time the target was a crowded park in Lahore. The reason to attack this park was that Christian community had gathered there to celebrate Easter Sunday.




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