Mahira Khan Talks About Similarities Between India And Pakistan


The superstar Mahira Khan, who made her Bollywood debut with Raees opposite Shah Rukh Khan recalled her beautiful experience in India. Speaking at an event in Agha Khan University, Mahira Khan said she felt quite comfortable. She also said Indians were really hospitable towards her.

Mahira Khan, related to her experience of working in India, talked about the uncanny similarities in both countries.

Speaking about the similarities, she said, “We, in India and Pakistan mourn and celebrate the same way. Our language is similar, we connect on a huge scale. Even though you feel that they (the Indians) around are strangers but they never make you feel aloof. Every time I’d request for something that made me uneasy. They all respected me.”

Mahira Khan’s jolly behavior at the event of Agha Khan University surely proved the inspirational spirit. She had developed this spirit while working in India. The major discussion in her speaking was how one can cope with failure. Mahira also talked about how to find ample strength in what you believe in. She also discussed how the Pakistani ban affected her. But her firm belief and strong mind let her get through it all.

Mahira Khan Talks About India And Pakistan

Mahira Khan

“Faith is a beautiful and important thing. And you know this more when you have lost faith. Faith helps you know that it will be okay” Mahira Khan shared in her speech.

She also talked about how a woman becomes strong. Mahira Khan stated that her family has always supported her. They always had her back when she needed the most which made her into what she is today.

Mahira Khan is one of the most popular actresses of Pakistan and the most paid. She has won 4 Lux Style Awards, 6 Hum Awards, 1 Hum Style Award and 1 Nigar Awards.




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